Our future selves

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Who are we in the future? Will machines know us better than ourselves? Is the master/slave relationship between people and machines inverting?  Will AI services anticipate our needs?

In the future the flow of data will be a part of every experience we have in the future. Already today people are connected around the clock. Whether we are using this as a tool for self reflection and growth, or relying on third parties to develop a deeper understanding of our behavior, scenarios that challenge our own relationship to ourselves and to the world around us, continue to grow.


At SXSW, Topp invited a small group of domain experts and passionate people to come together for a workshop called “Our Future Selves” that explored how pervasive connectivity and data will impact our lives, how we will understand the world around us, and what questions designers might need to ask when creating future experiences

The goal of the workshop was to gain insights, and create the first seed of a framework of what to consider when designing for the future human.

The result is a design+data framework of lenses. It can be used as a tool to help you evaluate your product or service with respect to how data is integrated, and the impact it has on your users.

Our intention is for this to bring human empowerment to the forefront of the discussion around data and the future of design. Download the report below and share it with to people around you.




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