What is the design+data lab?

At Topp  we have a passion for design. By exploring the process of design, we can better understand, predict and influence its progression. We think this is best done by involving other people in the process. With an open innovation lab we can share our learnings as well as learn from others, which we hope will open up for new knowledge and collaboration in this new field.

As we see data becoming a natural part of our daily lives, we want to explore it a bit more, it’s relation to design and how you can use it as a medium.

The mission of this open innovation lab is to experiment with design and data in this fast moving digital sphere. At Topp, we want to create a space which gathers different actors within the field, such as innovative schools, students, experts, and organisations around the topic, with the goal of generating new insights and shaping an emerging field together.

If you have any question, suggestion or something you would like to explore together with us, we´d love to hear from you. 

Contact Anna Oscarsson

To learn more about Topp, visit topp.se